Distributing treee plantlets to Heads of Departments at the HeadquartersTamarking Seguku Kasenge Budo Road in ProgressWakiso Health Centre IVCoffee Distribution Centre Kyengera Town CouncilHealth Care - Immunisation DaySeguku RoadBest Employee of the Year 2018, Assistant CAO Mrs. Marion Masagazi Mirembe.Coffe Distribution centreDistrict CouncilBest Town Clerk 2018, Semakula Henry Currently Town Clerk of Kyengera Town Council. Wakiso tourism board with Buganda tourism board and Katikiro Charles Peter Mayinga. Community Based agro-based ProductionNagalabiDistrict Chairperson Distributing Tree Seedlings to Head TeachersEntebbe HospitalCommission of the YouthWakiso District Headquaters

Distributing treee plantlets to Heads of Departments at the Headquarters

Wakiso Health Centre IV

Coffee Distribution Centre Kyengera Town Council

Seguku Road

District Council

Commission of the Youth

Matia Lwanga Bwanika

Welcome to the Wakiso district official website where we will interact and share ideas for the betterment of our home district of Wakiso. The website is an information highway, intended to serve as a medium to inform and highlight the activities and responsibilities of the district. However this site will also provide a platform for ‘reverse communication’, so that we are also able to hear from you.

Further, it is important to note that the website is not replacing our usual modes of communication where we get feedback from the public but rather it will complement the other mediums that are instrumental for effecti...

Luke L.L Lokuda

Luke L.L Lokuda is the appointed Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Wakiso district and he is the head of the public service in the district and the head of the   administration of the district council he is the accounting officer of the District.


Rose Kirabira Nalongo

 Rose Kirabira Nalongo is the appointed Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Wakiso District who represents the president and the government in the district. His duties and responsibilities are as described.